Baker Creek Watershed Initiative

To network with stakeholders in a way that reduces or eliminates pollutant loads so that Baker Creek water quality is improved.


John Rogers
Phone: 865-458-6967

Project Description:

Baker Creek flows through parts of Blount and Loudon Counties in the vicinity of Greenback, TN, ending at the Tellico Reservoir near the East Coast Tellico Parkway.

Because of pollution issues related to siltation, bacterial counts, and phosphate levels, Baker Creek is classified as an impaired stream on the State of Tennessee 303(d) list. In 2005, TVA and WATeR began discussions on identifying and initiating a program to improve water quality. Numerous opportunities were identified, but funding was always an issue. One of the networking partners, Blount County Conservation District, had successfully applied for and received a substantial Grant from the Tennessee Department of Agriculture for water quality upgrades in the county. We decided to build on this experience for Baker Creek.

In 2009, an application for funding on Baker Creek, under section 319 of the Clean Water Act, submitted to the Tennessee Department of Agriculture. The proposal was supported by a network of organizations, including: TVA, WATeR, Loudon County Planning, and Blount County Planning -- with the Blount County Conservation District taking the lead role, including financial administration.

The Grant was officially approved on February 1, 2010, for just over $300,000. The monies are primarily targeted for implementation of agricultural Best Management Practices (BMP's), and septic system upgrades- allocated on a cost-share basis. Grant expenditures are ongoing, with completion expected in 2013/2014. WATeR personnel are responsible for scheduling and coordinating quarterly meetings of the Baker Creek Partnership. These meetings help identify opportunities as well as communicate time and event schedules.

Implementation of the Baker Creek Program will continue over the next several years, with completion of the grant expected in 2014/2015. WATeR personnel will be responsible for scheduling and coordinating the quarterly meetings of the Baker Creek Partnership. These meetings will help to identify opportunities as well as communicate time and events schedule.

At the close of 2012, over 30 watershed participants were a part of the Grant implementation. There were four(4) septic system upgrades or restorations for low income households. The data related to agricultural Best Management Practices are shown below.

* Alternate Watering Systems23 Tanks
* Pipeline10,215 Feet
* Heavy Use Areas11,924 Square Feet
* Heavy Use Area Feed Pad11,115 Square Feet
* Heavy Use Area Protection3,164 Square Feet
* Cross-Fencing for Rotational Grazing10,329 Feet
* Access Control Fence (Waterbody)8,519 Feet
* Stream Crossings3
* Access Road4,370 Square Ft
* Critical Area Treatment2.0 Acres
* Grade Stabilization Structure1
* Storage Tank1
* Pumping Plant1
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