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As part of the agreement to improve Madisonville’s sewage waste discharge, the Water Quality Improvement Committee of WATeR has been tasked with sampling Bat Creek, which runs through Madisonville to Tellico Lake at Rarity Bay. Volunteers are needed to help with this program as follows:
  • The committee urgently needs someone to establish parameters for flow measurement.

  • The committee also needs volunteers in January to help sample each site using WATeR owned instruments.

  • Volunteers will also be needed starting in March to help when water samples are drawn for laboratory analysis. Training for sampling tasks will be provided.

  • Additionally, the committee needs a data archivist to digitize test results, field notes, and instrument calibration records.
To discuss any of these opportunities,
Contact Tom Paul at

Tellico Reservoir Dam: 3238 feet long & 129 feet high outlet gates.

Mission Statement

The Watershed Association of the Tellico Reservoir (WATeR) supports policies and projects that protect and improve the environment in and around Tellico Reservoir. The association is non-profit and non-partisan. The focus is on issues, policies, and practices that promote clean air, water, and natural habitat so that humans can live, work, and play in harmony with native plants and animals as well as with each other. The association strives to work cooperatively with governmental agencies and private organizations with similar goals and responsibilities for environmental protection and appropriate quality economic growth. Public education and demonstration projects are emphasized to make people aware of environmentally friendly practices that affect the watershed. WATeR strives to involve all stakeholders and to represent everyone interested in preserving and enhancing the environmental quality of the Tellico Reservoir Watershed.

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